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Looking at the layers

At a basic level, we could say that my client’s main presenting complaints are severe (chronic) depression and weight management issues. Two stand-alone and complex issues in themselves; yet as holistic health care practitioners we can perceive it is only the outside layer of the “onion”. 

As my client and I were going through her case history, we realised that we were beginning to unravel what was really going on for her (behind the scenes), as opposed to seeing the long-standing and very much debilitating depression and weight management issues just at face value, we actually ended up uncovering what I believe to be is at the root of the cause…

My client experienced a great deal of trauma as a child and throughout her life, and has been busy just trying to survive through the rest of her life with whatever coping tools she has had…

Examining my client’s case I began to perceive the causal chain that has lead to my client’s current state of health, what I also discovered was a “never well since” (NWS), both of which (that is, the root off the matter and the NWS) I realised go beyond my scope as a practitioner.

In light of this, I have referred my client on to a wonderful and very experienced Naturopath who I have come to regard very highly and who has the skills and the scope to assist my client at the root level…

My client has since been to see said referred Naturopath and has reported back very positively. They are in close contact now and between the three of us we will continue both streams of treatment concurrently. 

Stay tuned…

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Hello :)

I have started this blog as part of an assessment piece for my Naturopathic (Specialised Nutritional Care) studies and also party as an experiment, and will be discussing in depth a real case history and all that will be involved in treating my client from a Naturopathic (that is, Holistic) viewpoint and more specifically, through Nutritional therapy.